Adding subdomain and wildcard for external sharing in SharePoint Online


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  I have a requirement where I have to add multiple email subdomains to the Office 365 tenant for SharePoint external sharing . I'd like to know if I can add a wild card entry to the top level domain so that my users can send an email to all the email subdomains under it . Please let me know . 

Ex :

Email subdomain :

Wild card : *



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Not sure where you want to add a wild card entry, but what you need to do is configure each subdomain in Office 365 and for SPO this is totally transparent, you will be able to share files with the users that are in those subdomains

As noted in the documentation, wildcards are not supported:


To me it looks like an oversight, so maybe put it on UserVoice?

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This is not supported today. You can allow or deny specific domains but you cannot blanket add everyone from a certain domain to a site or document. Definitely submit this to user voice (preferably Thanks!


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