Adding Sharepoint site to Adober Acrobat Pro DC


Hi, I'd like us to be able to access company/personal templates directly through Adobe. I have attempted the "Add an account" feature to add a share point site. I'm have a feeling I may be finding the URL the incorrect way, however I do not know much about Share Point online. The company has SharePoint set up via File Explorer and everyone uses it this way and not online (I do have admin access online however). I haven't had any luck finding instructions on how to access the correct place in SP online to get the URL. 


When I access SP online, it only bring up sites (Teams channels) and nothing else. If I use the search function, I can find the folder that I want adobe to point to. I choose the "more actions" (3 dots) and copy link, however when this is added to adobe the message appears "Invalid URL. Please check the URL and try again" 


Appreciate any help at all! Thank you 

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