Adding Recurring Events to a Microsoft List in Calendar View

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I am currently trying to migrate some old calendars on classic SharePoint to a modern SharePoint site by making a new List on modern SharePoint and putting it into calendar view. I am having trouble making stat holidays recur so that the same stat holiday appears on the same days for the following years. I have heard some talk about using Power Automate to make this happen but have had no luck personally. I was wondering if there was a way to make recurring events in a List that could recur on a specific date on a timeline. For example, in the picture shown is an on call calendar on Classic SharePoint in which the events recur on a bi-weekly or weekly basis. Any information on how to make these events recur in a List on Modern SharePoint greatly appreciated. Thanks!



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@Tyler_Andrew Unfortunately, this is not possible using SharePoint OOTB capabilities. Calendar views in modern experience are new addition to SharePoint and it does not support recurring events.

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Is there any way through Power Automate to create recurring events in Microsoft Lists?