Adding multiple names to PowerAps, Share Point Lists

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Hello,  How can I add a few hundred names at one time to a Sharepoint list and PowerApp?   Currently,  I only see the ability to add one name at a time.   It is necessary at my job to be able to add hundreds of names to update Sharepoint list and apps.  Please advise.  Thank you!

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@candy735 Is this something that you would have to do regularly or just once to get started? Where is the data located? If you can get it in an Excel sheet you can copy it from there and paste it in the list in quick edit view. You would have to make sure you have the same columns in your Excel sheet that you do in your list.

Have a look at this webpage for other ways to import data into a SharePoint list. Mind you, there are some disadvantages to some of the ways mentioned on that webpage, for example most of them seem to create a new list, so they would not be suited if you need to append large amounts of data to an existing list.

Personally I would go for the copy/paste way into Quick Edit View.


As for the PowerApps part of your question, it is not clear to me what exactly you mean. Ideally your app would get its data from a SharePoint list or other data source, you would not add it directly into the app itself.

@OliverR-1982  Hi thank you.  It is not in an excel form, it is in a Sharepoint document.  It would need regular updating per semester of hundreds of names.  Is there a private way I can send you a screenshot, etc?  Thank you.