Adding Members without a MS365 business account

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I'm trying to add someone who I want to collaborate with & add them to a group/site so we can share a sharepoint drive. 


I've added his email to Outlook and added him as a member in Admin setting & created a group which includes him. 


But his name does not showup when I want to add a member?


I believe he has a Office365 Account, but it's not a business account i.e. Office365 account does Not include Sharepoint.  


Can I add him as a member where we can both share & edit things? 

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@EarlG1615 Is this user from your tenant/organization or external user?


I think the user will need SharePoint license as well to work on documents stored in SharePoint site.


If you cannot provide SharePoint license and user has OneDrive license, you may need to store the files in OneDrive and share those files with user.

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