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I am the owner of a SharePoint group that contains about 6 member’s. How do I prevent another member in the group within the organization from adding other members to that group ?


And what’s the difference in the Owner  vs Member? They both can edit, delete and so on?

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@johnnb In order to prevent members from adding another users to group, follow below steps:

  1. Go to site permissions (<siteUrl>/_layouts/15/user.aspx)
  2. Click on the group name
  3. Click Settings and then Group Settings --> You can see this option under group name and after "New" & "Actions" option.
  4. Put your name in Group Owner field.
  5. Set Who can edit the membership of the group? to Group Owner (Refer below image).

Group settings.PNG

This way only owner (you) can add/delete users from this particular group. However, members still can view other members in group.

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I tried this, I am clearly the OWNER of the site but other MEMBERS of the site can still add people to the  site inside the organization..  what am I missing?

@johnnb Hello,

Could you send a picture of your configuration as Ganesh shared above?


Really strange if the setting is set to Group Owner. Please send an image and verify that the issue still exists, and I will look further into it.

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Sure The user that is the owner is named Copier  but any member of the organization can still add members inside the org.. shouldn't that just work for the owner which is Copier ?





go to Site Settings > Site permissions. In the menu at the top, find the button for Access Request settings. Make sure the top TWO boxes are UNCHECKED - the ones that say "allow members to share..." this is the old school version of what  @ganeshsanap suggested.


Make sure to check the next box to allow access requests and that you are in the designated owner group.


You will then need to clean your site to remove sharing links and restore inherited permissions for all the ITEMS. 


This will ensure that when your members share content with someone who does not currently HAVE access, that new person will get "Access Denied" and the option to send you a message requesting access. In the email  will be a large ACCEPT link. If you have set a default group, the accept link will add the person to that group. I have intentionally NOT set a default group which requires users to go to site settings, CHOOSE a group and manually add the person.



- If it is a team site, make sure to turn it into "private" instead of public. Members can not(AFAIK) invite new members by default in a private team site.

See this discussion for more information:


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