Adding many conditions in calculated value SP

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Hello everyone,
I have a calculated value field and i want to look in a column1 and check for values and return OK or NOK, example :

IF(column1 contains 0% or 25% or 50% or 75%) if yes return "OK" if not "NOK.

Any ideas ?

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Hi @Georges - try something like this:


=IF([COLUMN 1]=0,"ok",IF([COLUMN 1]=25,"ok", IF([COLUMN 1]=50,"ok",IF([COLUMN 1]=75,"ok","nok"))))


see more here:

Hello @Kelly E 


I did this formula :

=SI([Avancement :]=0%;"OK";SI([Avancement :]=25%;"OK";SI([Avancement :]=50%;"OK";SI([Avancement :]=75%;"OK";SI([Avancement :]=100%;"OK";[Avancement :])))))


and the result is the opposite.


I want to look in the Column "Avancement" and the result in "Statut simplifié".

Thank you

@Georges it doesn't look like your last IF statement isn't complete, your example shows the formula ending with ;[Avancement :] and it should end with the value to display if the statement is not true.


I also see semi-colons instead of commas. Try this:


=IF([Avancement :]=0,"ok",IF([Avancement :]=25,"ok", IF([Avancement :]=50,"ok",IF([Avancement :]=75,"ok","nok"))))