Adding external users (hotmail , gmail ) users to teams convesation

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Hello everyone


I know that this topic has been quite popular in this space but i realy wanted to discuss some points which has been quite confusing for me:


1. Can we invite gmail , hotmail guest users to our organizational team chats?

2. Can those guest users be a part of Office 365 private team chats and have "no: access to our confidential data?

3. Does those guest users need to have a licence in order to be a part of our cooperate team chat group?


I will appreciate some feedback and will help me understand the licencing,security aspect of it.



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@SimranJaggi if you allow external access from the MS Teams Admin portal, then yes external people can access Teams, subject to the details here:


@SimranJaggi also, as discussed separately, it would appear that if your (Office 365 Group and Teams) linked SPO site has external sharing enabled, then external users invited to a Team can see the files in that site, including via 'Open in SharePoint'. If you disable external access, they won't see the site.

1. Yes
2. Yes as long as you don't add them to Teams where there is confidential data
3. No, they don't require a license to participate in a chat in your team

@Andrew Warland thanks for that. I have enabled the external sharing and guest access but if I invite a Gmail user, YES he will get the notification and can join the teams group but then when he will try to login it will ask for a Microsoft account work,school or personal which I obviously don't have. 




AFAIK they need to have an MS live/personal account to access teams.. if they don't have one they can create one using the same external mail on which the invite is shared..




Robin Nishad

@ripsy85If you do not have Google set up as federated identity provider to your tenant, then users cannot login directly with their gmail account. The user will need to create a Microsoft account with the invited account and use that for logging in to teams.

@unnie ayilliath What is an IDP please?


I'm trying to add my wife's account to test Chat with an external user but when I invite her it says "We didn't find any matches."

@ripsy85 thanks. I found that I could create a meeting and invite more or less anyone (via any email address) to a meeting. They didn't become a member of any group, it was a one-off meeting that they accessed via the Teams web client. 

@gdstuart To add a guest user: Open O365 Admin Center then Open Azure AD and add a guest user in Azure AD, after it add a guest user in Teams Admin center at the Teams tab