Adding data to a Sharepoint list

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I have a list on Sharepoint Online it has over 2000 rows already and I want to copy another 500 from a spreadsheet into the list like i used to do in Sharepoint 2007. I have gone to edit in grid view and pasted the new data but all that happens is that the whole lot just goes into one single cell. So am I correct in assuming that MS have discontinued this and I will have to build a new list from scratch. I'm beginning to think Google is a far better option

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@ajt8888 I do it regularly, it hasn't been discontinued and will work, it just takes a bit of trial-and-error. Ctrl+z to delete the current attempt, then click in the cell to the right then back again into the far left cell and ctrl+v again. It usually takes 2-3 goes for me before it's successful.


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Thanks Mark
That worked much appreciated