Adding an option to the Page Properties drop down list

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Hi all,


Could someone help me with steps on how to add an extra option in the Page Proprieties drop down list? I am using the News web part and would like to filter news based on an option that's currently not visible.


The option is one I have added and is available to select in the 'Page Details' section when creating a new news post.




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@AdamStandring we do this with news items so that on a page for each office the news related to that office can be displayed. In your Site Settings go to Term Store Management:




You now need to add term groups which can be nested, so I've got offices inside the Intranet group:




Add a Managed Metadata column in your Site Pages library and select the term group:




When you edit the page properties you willnow be able to tag the page with one or more items from the term group:




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