Adding a new list item from button/image click

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Without using PowerApps, is there any way to achieve the following in Sharepoint Online?


IN A NUTSHELL: A first-time user visits the Sharepoint site homepage, clicks "register now", a list is updated automatically with the "Person" data and the user is redirected to another page.


Longer explanation.

I have a list (Registrations) that needs to be populated with some values when a user registers.

The only values required are the "Person" as in the ADAzure Person that is registering and the UserId (numeric value of the registered user)


I want to make it so that the user only needs to click a button to register as all other details are prepopulated, so no need to fill in any forms.


I want to ensure that if a user is already registered, they can't reregister.


I want to ensure that once a user registers, they are redirected to another page,


I'm using Modern Pages, I want to avoid PowerApps and MSFlow.


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@Gunsmoke125 Have a look at the JSON list formatting for event registration at


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