Adding a Background Image to a SharePoint web part or section

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Hi all

Is there a way yet, that an image can be placed behind text in a web part on a SharePoint site page?


Or alternatively, can an image be set as the background for a section. So then I could just place the normal Text web part over it?


It feels like a fairly simple thing, but appears to be far more difficult than I assume.

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Background images are not supported in builtint WebParts as far as I know....they are not supported either in pages sections

@Focsai There are several things you can do to get close to this outcome, though not exactly what you have specifically asked for:

  • Add an image web part and enable "text overlay" (if you don't have too much text)
  • Use the Call to Action web part, which takes a background image but requires a hyperlink (also for a small amount of text)
  • Create an image that has text in it. Not always the right answer, but I've used this several times to do things like create a full width image to use as a "section separator" on pages or to create an "ad" or communicate something that requires something visual with text.