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i have some custom website files that I want to host in sharepoint. What i have been trying to do is create a site on sharepoint, click into the pages section, drag and drop my html files (which i have changed to axps) and set the index to home screen. It seems pretty straight forward however when i try to drag and drop my files into the pages section of sharepoint nothing happens. it is as if sharepoint wont accept my files. an file i try to bring into the pages folder. why is this not working? all i can see is add a new page in the top left hand side, however this only gives me options such as add wiki page, add site page etc. How can i get my own custom files in? 

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May I ask what are you trying to achieve here? SharePoint supports you store html pages in regular document libraries but it treats them as documents. The Site Pages is a special document library where you can only have SharePoint pages

@Juan Carlos González Martín I want to see if there is a way to run python files on sharepoint. So first step is to check if i can run my custom html pages on sharepoint

I'm afraid the answer is no
Did you resolve this? I have managed to host my own html pages (saved as aspx) in a sharepoint document library and then reference those pages in a sharepoint web page.
It works on 2 of my sharepoint sites but not the 3rd and I'm trying to find out why. Is that what you're trying to do.