Add-SPOOrgAssetsLibrary not working for Office Clients


I created an Organization Asset Library following the instructions here, which involved running the Add-SPOOrgAssetsLibrary command. Almost immediately, the PowerPoint templates started appearing in PowerPoint Online, but no templates are showing up in the Office clients, including Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Older posts from when the feature first rolled out suggested there might be a wait time of longer than the suggested 24 hours, but it has now been a couple weeks. 


The Office Client has been updated recently, so it's not an old build. Any suggestions of where to look or what step might have been missed?

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Have you used the correct file type, ? a powerpoint needs to be .Potx and word needs to be .Dotx

Powerpoint will only show Potx files and Word only Dotx files.
That was it, thanks, I didn't realize that PowerPoint Online supports pptx while the client only supports potx.