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I added the new Jira data source connector to my O365 tenant and have results showing up if I changed my search under the "Organization" view. However, I would like the new search vertical to show up in my Hub Site results so users don't have to do the extra click. Is that possible?

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Unfortunatly this is not possible on the Hubs sites, as these just search in that context.
That's what I figured... Thanks!

You can add your Graph API connectors under a custom vertical in your Hub site (if you're using Modern Search verticals). I currently have this working in my own tenant. Note that you can only use it under a single vertical in each site.

However, it will also show up in Organization and you don't seem to be able to remove it from there. I only want mine showing on my Hub site search and not globally (doesn't make sense for mine to be global) but seems this is a current limitation (or bad design).


You can't add a SharePoint connector in a Hub site if it points to a site outside the Hub as it's outside the Hub scope, but this doesn't apply to Graph API connections.

Are you doing a custom search page and using the PnP Search features or or you defining this someplace in the search settings for the Hub Site?

@NThoman Modern Search (not PnP)


Add your custom vertical in your hub site and choose your Graph API connection.


Note that the article (link above) says verticals won’t show on mobile browsers but tested on iOS Edge and they do. They don’t show on SharePoint mobile app though.


You can also add custom filters within your verticals using the properties you mapped when setting up your Graph API connection.