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I am trying add another record field called, 'manager group' and I want it to automatically populate the person group based off the category the user selects. Should I make a separate source list with all the manager groups, similar to how I did the activities and categories or is there another way? I have attached a screenshot of the list as well:Screen Shot 2022-07-05 at 10.07.32 AM.png

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Hi @DKnight1 
Yes, that's an easy way to maintain your groups/users, but you should use a flow to populate this based on your criteria. 

@DKnight1 What will be the column/data type of "Manager group" column?


As manager group is based on Category selected, I will suggest you to create a "Manager group" column in Category list.

Then, in lookup settings of Category column, you can extend the lookup column to show "Manager group" as an additional column.

Example: I am showing "SubParent" column along with "Title" column: 


Note: Lookups only support below column types:

  1. Single line of text

  2. Number

  3. Date and Time

  4. Lookup (single value)

DocumentationCreate list relationships by using lookup columns 

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