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It's great to have total Views listed on each News post and Site Page within Modern Pages. The number of Views also shows up within the News web part for every post. However, Views is not an "Add Column" or from "Edit Current View." However, I can add other similar fields such as "Like Count" and "Comment Count." It's helpful to be able to export this information from my site pages automatically related to the News post. Right now I have to manually add the Total Views to the comment and like counts. Since we don't have much with site usage right now, this would help give a better overview of data automatically for the life of the content that we can export, which isn't possible from site usage.


Any suggestions or advice will be highly appreciated in this regard!


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@Shohel-Rana  well this request has been copied verbatim from the uservoice request at


But as Microsoft have not commented on the request or done any work I don't think there is any way yet to achieve this which is a shame as it would be useful - as would a general major improvement in the site usage information!


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Thank you Rob for your response!


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I also want same solution. If you got please ping me.

@Shohel-Rana Why is it so hard for Microsoft to add simple features like this.  The data exists somewhere so it cannot be difficult to make it happen.

Any news on this please? It should be super complicated to implement. Thanks !
Yes! This would be so helpful so that decisions about keeping pages - and the content lifecycle- can be made without having to buy expensive non-Microsoft software.
I also want same solution. plz let me know.
I would like this feature as well, the site usage report only gives the popular site pages.