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Hi Folks,


I'm new to the community, so forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong place, or posting a question that has been answered somewhere else.  However, I'm hoping the answer to my question is that I'm missing something obvious.


I've added a new site to our O365 account called Calendars, in which I've created a few calendars (add app > calendar) for various purposes (Time Off for staff vacation requests, Conference Line for internal resource booking, etc.), and I've modified the fields for each calendar to remove fields that don't apply (like 'Location' for the Time Off calendar), and add fields that are needed ('Staff Member' as people/groups column for the same calendar).  I figured out how to make the columns that I want display in the order I want when a new item is added or edited in a web browser, but when I open the SharePoint iOS app, select my Calendars site, choose the appropriate calendar, and add an item, the default, OOB set of fields displays.  What am I missing?  Where can I edit the columns for the mobile app?


Thanks so much for your help!


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Hi Craig,
This is the right place to make this kind of questions :-). In regards of your issue, if you have effectively removed the columns from the list, they should not be shown in the Mobile App so It seems it could be a bug in the App
Did you remover the fields from the list itself, on the List Settings page, or from the View that determines which columns and rows are displayed? If the latter, then the problem is with the mobile view that is being chosen on the phone.



Thank you so much for the reply!  To be clear, nothing I removed or added had an impact on the mobile data entry form.  I know that the views for the list are editable separately for the desktop views and mobile views, but the columns that are displayed on the add/edit an item form seem to have a single screen for customization, ie, changes should affect both desktop and mobile forms alike.  Do I have that right, or is there a separate customization screen or the columns for mobile?





I've added new columns and removed unnecessary columns.  Taking the Time Off calendar as the example, I created the calendar by selecting Settings, Add App, and then selecting calendar.  I added my new Staff Member column (people/groups), but did not have an option to delete the Location column that I want to get rid of.  So, I tried two things:

  1. I went to List Settings each of the three Views that were created during app creation, and unchecked the Display checkbox next to Location, which checking the Display checkbox next to Staff Member.
  2. Also in List Settings, under Content Types, I clicked Events (which is the content type that Location is in and also the content type I added Staff Member to), set Location to hidden, and Staff Member to required.  I also changed the display order of the columns.

Step 2 above is the one that changed the columns that are used in the new event entry form/event editing form in the desktop version of the SharePoint site.  But the event entry form/event editing form is unaltered from OOB defaults in the mobile app.


Thanks so much for taking the time to help.



It seems to be a bug in the mobile App then...if the columns are removed, the App should not show them

I am experiencing the same issue, I think. I also have a calendar list app in SPO for which I created my own fields and my own content type. In the SharePoint app for iPhone (v3.16.0), I can create a new item in the list. However, the list form to create a new event in the mobile app is not the same form that displays in the browser. In SharePoint Designer, I can see that there is only one list form for entering new events. Is this a limitation of the app? Or am I missing something here?

@Craig Gilmore Did you find a resolution to this issue? I'm also experiencing the same thing for one of my calendars.

@Craig Gilmore 
I have the same issue, and have not been able to figure out how I can get my customized "new item form" to appear with the same list element and identical names to the same elements.
Looking forward to a solution for this.


Tor Inge Hystad

@Tor_Inge_Hystad I have exact same problem with sharepoint mobile app.