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Hi there,


We are looking to transition to SharePoint from our contract management application as an in-house Legal team. Mainly, we need a repository with meta-data to track contract information.


What add-ons should we be looking at?




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Do you want to set custom metadata (e.g. customer, contract end date, ...)?
Is there also a need to extract metadata from the contract documents (e.g. keyword in a PDF file) and capture the values into SharePoint columns?
This can be accomplished by many tools (e.g. Explorer).
Using standard SharePoint functionality (permission, versioning, content types, metadata, ..) you can build your own solution.
If you need more advanced features (e.g. automatic alert when a contract end date approaches) look at 3rd party apps on AppSource.


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@Paul de Jong Thanks for the response.


Yes, we would like to set custom metadata. It would be amazing if we could also extract metadata from documents but I am assuming it would entail additional costs. 




Hi, @Sez_Guler I would normally use the built-in functionality of SharePoint to add metadata to your Document Libraries. But there is an add-on for Power Automate (Flow) called Encodian to extract the metadata from documents. It's at  You get up to 50 actions a month free after which it's paid for.


There's a blog post at where they've demonstrated it. I've not tried it yet but have just got an api key from Encodian as a trial from the page at


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