Add Location Details to SharePoint Data and Content


We are excited to announce a new capability for SharePoint lists and libraries. The new location column allows you to add rich location data from Bing Maps or your organization directory to any SharePoint list or library. You can then filter, sort, and search by any aspect of the location data such as address, city, or state.


Creating a Location Column

To add a location column, simply click Add Column then select Location



You can then name the column and add secondary columns to display, sort, and filter by attributes such as city, state, or country.



Now when creating or editing list items, you can search for location data from Bing Maps or your organization directory to associate it with your list item.



Once you have added location data for your list items, you can sort and filter your list based on any of the additional columns added during the column creation process. If you want to filter by an attribute you did not include during column creation, it can be added in the Edit Column pane.



Adding a new column type to SharePoint is a rare event. We can’t wait to see what uses you come up with for this new column!


We anticipate roll out for targeted release will begin by the end of November, with full worldwide release by mid-December.


Update: After resolving some issues that were discovered in targeted release, we are now finally ready to start shipping world wide. Location Column will now be available to everyone by Monday

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@James Jackson wrote:

The column does support looking up specific rooms through Room & Equipment Mailboxes, but is only available in Modern Lists, so cannot be added to a calendar.

I'm testing with a modern list and it is not resolving my Room and Equipment Mailboxes.  Not sure if I'm missing a configuration for this. 


Also, does anyone know of a way to book these resources through a modern list? 

Hi @James Jackson,

we managed the most of our Content Types in the content type hub and I'd like to create a location column on the content type level, but I've found no proper type in the create a column form.

Isn't it possible to create a column type of location in the content type hub and roll out it to the system?

If so, are there any workarounds? (Except of adding it locally to each list..)





I suspect this will be a feature request, but it would be really useful if there was a way of using the current position as a default which could be accessed when using a list with this type of field on a phone.  I have 25 care workers visiting people at their houses and I would like to have a list for which I will create an app in powerapps for them to sign in and sign out.  Unfortunately some of the workers are claiming to be onsite longer than they actually have so the ability to insert this data automatically would be so very useful!

Love it!  Will definitely use this feature!

  1. I noticed that I cannot add the field to a PowerApp layout yet...  The related fields are available but not editable.
  2. Will we be able to add this column to site content types?  (I noticed that the Location type column does not show up when adding a column via the list settings screen.)
I haven't tried it yet, but here's something from github using JSON formatting to get to the Bing maps
I've stored this link for months waiting for this column - glad it's finally here!
The location column does not work with the SharePoint mobile app. It doesn’t show the data put in that column entered from a PC browser and locks it as read only. Works great on pc browser but need it on mobile. Something special we need to do?
I noticed that too. Not available from list settings
Would the mobile sharepoint app support this field type?

@James Jackson Is there any way to enter mulitple street names in one location column?

[UPDATE]: I figured out that Microsoft Flow will show these errors if the SharePoint location column is set as required.  If I remove the requirement, then it works.  It's not ideal, but at least it's a workaround.  Is there a timeline for the location column functionality in other products?



@James Jackson - I love the new location column in SharePoint lists.  It makes it much more intuitive for people to add locations.


Does the new location column work with PowerApps and Flow?  I tried to update a list with a location column in Flow, but received an error that the data type is not supported.


I'm not trying to update the location column at all.  I just want to update the other fields.  I also created a view with the location column removed and chose to Limit Columns by View in the Update item action, but that didn't work either.

@James Jackson When will this field by editable in power apps?

If you wish to use the auto-generated "Coordinates" field from the Location column in a connected web part as in this example, then update the "cp" URL parameter as below.




@Thomas Bak This is something I would like to know too. Some of the locations in our projects do have an address in Bing Maps, some doesn't (e.g. middle of the forest), so I would like to create new locations by coordinate, only visible within the organization and as i understand this could be done through the organization directory.

What I don't know is what it is referring to exactly and how to manage it. Any luck with finding out how to do it?

Concur - there is so much that can be done with Location columns but to date we have not been able to find any step by step guide or demo that shows how to use it and we have not been able to figure out all the ins and outs of what we can do with this new field - ITs A NEW FIELD!!!! We should be swimming in information on how to use it but the only thing we can find is Chris McNulty's blog which is not helpful when it comes to implementation details and use cases.


text deleted by Rob


@RobElliott I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic, but this is a real world use case for companies whose work takes them anywhere in the "field" (oil industry, for example, or for environmental nonprofits like where I work). 

@Bynum Hoekstra  no I wasn't being sarcastic at all, I really didn't see what the real world use case could possibly be for the example you gave. But as you've explained it I'll delete my post.

Los Gallardos

@James Jackson there seems to be a bug in the automatic resolution of coordinates. If I add a location like "Statue of Liberty" or "London Eye", I get an automatic resolution. But if I add the location of a specific street address like e.g. "15 S Parker Dr, New York" - I get no resolution of coordinates. In fact, I have not yet seen that for any address. What gives? Why this differenced between places and specific addresses?

@James JacksonHi James,

So when location column is coming to Gov? Thanks in advance for the response 

@MDEL90_El  I am also wondering when will the Location field will be available to .GOV?  Its November 2019?