Add easy alert button on list


Hi Team-

I need my users to be able to opt-in to get notified by email when new items are added to a list. 

Now, the users have to go through multiple steps to achieve this:

  1. Click the overflow menu on a view
  2. Click Alert me
  3. Choose "New items are added" radio
  4. Choose "Someone changes an item that appears in the following view:" drop down
  5. Click ok

Instead, what I want is, to have a single click button that is set with the predefined values! is this doable?

To add cream to the cake, have the ability to easily send sort of a popup to the users first visiting the view, asking them if they want to subscribe.... 


Is there any way to achieve this?

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Sure, this is something that a Developer could build for you
Out of the box not really. You could utilize a powerapp and or flows to accomplish the actual alert function in a different way and or serve the list view up differently with pop ups. but nothing that can pop up on the existing list without custom dev work.