Add domain user as Site Collection Administrator (same user already a farm administrator)

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I've added an user from a domain "ITAIPU\ariellan" as Farm Administrator without problems, the NTLM autologin for this user work well, but when I've tried to add the same user as site administrator the unexpected error ocurr when click in OK button.
2019-09-25 07_30_03-chi938 - Remote Desktop Connection.png2019-09-25 07_30_26-chi938 - Remote Desktop Connection.png2019-09-25 07_33_00-chi938 - Remote Desktop Connection.png2019-09-25 07_33_51-chi938 - Remote Desktop Connection.png2019-09-25 07_34_13-chi938 - Remote Desktop Connection.png

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@landaida This error shows up if the user is not available in AD but user profile is still in SharePoint, not sure why you were able to add in first scenario
Check if user has an AD Account and your Web App is configured correctly to get users from that domain

thansk @SinhaKislay,  I can login with the user "ITAIPU\ariellan", this user it's a domain user on "Active Directory", see my screenshots please2019-09-27 07_42_12-chi938 - Remote Desktop Connection.png2019-09-27 07_47_47-chi938 - Remote Desktop Connection.png2019-09-27 07_48_57-chi938 - Remote Desktop Connection.png