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I have a sharepoint list where

Column 1) Last Review (is a date)

Column 2) Revision Period (is a number of Months)

i need to create column 3 to add 1 + 2.

when i tried to add them, it counts column 2 as number of days and i get something like this

Latest Review dateRevision Period (m)Next review date

(note the format is dd/mm/YYYY)


what i want to get is Next Review date 03/11/2023






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Hi @MVCuser,

To add Date and Month columns in SharePoint List, you can use a calculated column.


  1. Go to the SharePoint list where you want to add the new columns.
  2. Click on the + button and select More columns.
  3. Select Calculated as the column type.
  4. Enter a name for the column and a formula in the Formula field.
  5. For the Date column, use the following formula:


=DATE(YEAR([Last Review]), MONTH([Last Review]) + [Revision Period (m)], DAY([Last Review]))​


  1. For the Month column, use the following formula:


=MONTH([Next Review Date])​


  1. Click OK to save the columns.

The new columns will be added to the list and will be populated with the calculated values.

For Example

Last Review Date Revision Period (m) Next Review Date Date Month

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