Add another "Call to action" on tile in Hero banner

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I am trying to add another "Call to action" beside the current "call to action" on my hero banner. It's only giving me the option to add one. How do I go about adding another one, so I can have two next to each other?

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@ShayS21 The Hero webpart only allows one callout per tile. You would need to use a different layout (more tiles) in order to add additional callouts.


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Thank you for the information @Don Kirkham 

Can I resize parts of the banner? 

Not exactly sure what you mean by banner. If you mean change the size of the tiles, the answer is no, but the webpart is responsive so the tiles resize (and change layout) based on the column width.
Hey Don, one more quick question. For some reason when I add a button on a SharePoint page, the end user can't see it...even though I've published it. Do you know what could be the cause?