Add an M365 Private group to a SPO site?

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I have an SPO site and I go to the "MySite Readers" group.

I can add individual users here and they can access the site.

Can I add an M365 Private group here?

I have added a group to the "MySite Readers" group.


When I go to "Check Permissions" and search for a user who is in the M365 group they are not showing as having any access.

But if I do "Check Permissions" for the group name it says they have Read permissions.




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Hello @pmwhelan85 


you want to give permission to a members or owners group from a private Teams, right?


It works fine.


I have a SharePoint Team Site (not Groups connected) and a private Teams. I have added the members groups from the private teams (it's technicaly a M365 AAD group) to the SharePoint visitors group on the SharePoint site. After that, the members from the private Teams have access to the site - done.


Best, Dave