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Is there a way I can add a user search box to a modern SharePoint online webpage so a user can search for another user within the company? For example, I want the details of a user with the surname Smith. The search results list all the members of staff with the surname Smith and I just select the correct user.


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@CEStar321 There is no SharePoint out of the box web part for people search.


So, you will need custom SPFx web part for your requirements. Check below SPFx samples created by community members. You can use these web parts as it is if it fulfills your requirements OR you can modify them as per your requirements after downloading.

  1. Microsoft Graph People Search - This web part uses Microsoft Graph AI to get the user details. You can also filter the results using search query (For example to limit the results to particular department).
  2. People Directory
  3. People Directory web part 

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...@ganeshsanap or you can build one in Power Apps. That can then be added as a Microsoft Power Apps webpart to your SharePoint page. On my one below the user starts entering a name, location, job or team and it filters the list as you type:



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