Add a SitePage with a webpart using a site Template

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I have an spfx webpart which uses a custom list for data storage, I am looking for the easiest way to let users add both the list and the webpart  to their site. The webpart  is in the tenant app catalog and needs to be deployed on a page in the site requested by the user.


It looks like sitescripts is the easiest way to do this so I created a sitescript to create the list and add the solution that contains the webpart to the site. But it looks like there is no way to create a page with my webpart in the site using sitescripts!  It appears that the AddPage action in sitescripts was abandoned.


How are other folks doing this. The only option I see is to create a page in some other site with my webpart on it and the have the sitescript call a flow to copy the page to the users site. That flow needs to be http triggered which requires $$.


Surely there must be a better way to do this! Any Ideas?

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