AD Group Permissions take forever


Hello Everyone,


Using SharePoint Online (Communication sites primarily) and we are using Local AD groups synced with Azure AD for permissions.


If I create a new AD group locally, I can run a DirSync and it shows up almost instantly as an option, however it's empty. When I check Azure AD it shows up ans synced and has all the members... a few hours later the permissions finally show up.


Same thing adding someone to an existing AD group, it takes forever for it to Sync from the Azure AD into Sharepoint... 


is there anyway to speed up the process in which SharePoint syncs with Azure AD?

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If it works anything like on-prem SharePoint, the group membership gets cached, and until that cache is reset through some kind of iis worker processes recycle/restart etc. it won't update. Not sure if online works this way or not but might be the issue here as well.
No, it does not work in the same way as it works OnPremises....each core workload (Exchange, SharePoint and Skype) in Office 365 has its own AD and there are synchronization processes between Azure AD an each workload AD (in the case of SPO is called SPDS: SharePoint Online Directory Services). These synchronization processes are bidirectional

Any way to force a sync via GUI or powershell?