Activity feed shows documents from private library

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So I have what I thought might be a fairly standard setup:


  • Teams created Sharepoint site that's private.
  • "Everyone except external" added to Visitors.
  • Document libraries have visitor permissions removed (except a dedicated Public library) so only members and owners can access them.

This allows the team to have a home page for visitors telling them all about the team and makes available public documents like policies and procedures.


The problem is that the Activity webpart shows all activity to a visitor even though they're not allowed to access the documents. This gives away file names and even shows thumbnails.


Is there some standard way of running a public/private hybrid like this that doesn't expose sensitive data?

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Hi @OffColour1972 !

It can be good to avoid administering / changing the access rights on the Team's associated SharePoint site. Have you considered instead creating a dedicated SharePoint site intended solely for public documents like policies and procedures. Then those managed documents are administered/maintained/available there and you can instead add its document library in a tab in the Teams these documents should be available?

We already have one of those. To be more specific, there are document libraries that are owned by a Team, but other people may need to access those libraries. For example, documents owned by Complaints may need to be viewed by Fraud. I don't want to end up with some sprawl of Teams for all the various collaborations that may be required as data protection becomes a nightmare.