Active choice columns for site pages

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Hi everyone, 


I'm trying to use choice lists for site pages including blog posts.


I'm able to create a new column as instructions suggest, but the column seems to only apply to some types of pages, and not others. It applies to wiki pages, for example, but not site pages. 


Is there something in the administration I can do to make sure it applies to site pages? 


Screenshots attached.


Thank you! 

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Another image if that helps 

Hi @pdeverak ,

I am not sure, what your intention is with that choice column. Hopefully you are familiar with Webparts in pages such as the News webpart. If you want to show different news posts according to special queries I suggest you pick the "highlighted content" webpart in the modern pages of sharepoint online, such as to show only certain pages, based on your choice column?!

This is quite easy to determine which blog posts / pages / news should be shown in a certain page. Your screenshots seem, that you only see that old classic pages library. Hope that helps. If not, just give another screenshot of what you are trying to achieve. My 2 screenshots attached show, that a choice column in my pages library works, in the settings as well as in the library view. All the best, Eva.