Accidently Deleted Sharepoint 2019 root Web Application

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In new install of Sharepoint 2019: WEB Applications shows two Applications:

SharePoint - 80       http://macdc/

SharePoint Central Administration v4        http://macdc:8505/

I foolishly selected the 'sharePoint - 80'  Application and clicked the DELETE button.

This seemed to remove the App: However, it appears IIS doesn't like what I did and I need to recover.

There is no backup and nothing is in the cloud.  So I need to start over since I don't find any simple way to recover from this foolish mistake.  Not a big deal since this is only a test setup for learning and I just learned my first lesson; don't delete the root site.  However it would be nice to know if there were an easy way to recover from such a disaster should it happen in the future.



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