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I have a list and have created 3 different views of that list for 3 different teams within the business. Is it possible to set permissions on each view so that only specific people can see a specific view. 


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Hi @Chris86t ,


It is not possible to restrict views to certain people/teams. 





I was literally wondering this too the other day.  It's strange that this functionality doesn't exist yet since I noticed that many people over the years have asked about it in the forums.

That would make List Views a lot more useful and intuitive.  They have all the pieces already there in SharePoint (views, permissions, groups, etc.).  If we can set Pages and Libraries with those permissions already and they don't show up in the menu, then it should be fairly easy to implement that for Views.

At the very least, they should allow permissions for columns, but Views would make a lot more sense and allow more customization.

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