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I have a user that several users have added to different documents and folders, even creating share links for the user. For some unenforceable reason, the user can not gain access to files or sites.
I even setup a folder on my personal Onedrive shared with the user, and still, the user gets an access denied page.


  • I have shared the same folder using the same link with 3 users only this one particular user can get into the folder.

To me, only one user is affected when sharing content on SharePoint. It does not make sense.


I have never encountered this issue before; please share any possible solutions.


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@Jesus Arocho Is this one particular user a rehire or have an account as Guest? If yes, then clean up the user profile before sharing. Every site collection has a hidden user list that tracks the properties of all users. Clear this user if it profile already exists in hidden user list . 

Note: When you remove someone from this list, they will lose access granted to them in that particular site collection. You need to add them back manually.

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Its a new user, but I will go and check. Thank you.
Bharath Arja, thank you, this worked like a charm.
Thank you again. I have been looking for a fix for weeks and was getting nowhere.