Access denied to appregnew.aspx (SharePoint online)

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On my client's tenant I'm using a global admin account (E5 license). When I'm trying to access page, I get an error "Access Denied". Am I missing some permissions?

I can access page without any issues,

I appreciate any help.


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i just tried it and got the same but if i use it works..

Hi Paul,
Thank you for your reply. It helped me figure out my issue. When I first try to use second url ( I got another error message "Sorry, you don't have access to this page"). I made my account secondary owner of the "root" SharePoint site, then I was able to access the page, and create app registration.
Thank again for your help!

@Alex Zakhodin Hi Alex, how did you make your account as secondary owner of the root Sharepoint site? On which page/link? I am having the same problem even tough I have the admin rights in general.




@blazenkobabic In case you're still looking for the answer, I added my account in SharePoint Admin Center>Select the site>Permissions>Manage>Add your account here. It should work after that.