Access Denied - SP.RelatedItemManager.addSingleLink? SharePoint Desinger Workflow

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We have developed a multi step approval workflow on a document library using Sharepoint designer that involves taking 4 approvals one after the other. Inside the Main WF we have incorporated sub workflows that changes the permission on the file during different workflow stages to protect the document from change during the workflow. We are using WF 2013 for the main workflow and WF 2010 for the sub workflows


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Currently we are experiencing an Access denied error that appears in the workflow status page. This error prevents the workflow from moving forward keeping the WF stuck for several hours and then disappears by itself and the WF continues. 
The Error message mentions that the access is denied for SP.RelatedItemManager.addSingleLink end point
I have done some research and found out that RelatedItemManger.addSingleLink method accepts 6 parameters of the related items. in this case the related item is the file on the Document Library (related to the task created by WF). I am not sure why does the access gets denied and after several hours it resolves. 
Anybody experienced the same problem. Appreciate the help
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