Access company branded templates from within Office apps


Does someone have more information about this feature?



Link to the article:


I am really interested but I couldn't find details about it anywhere.


I guess (and hope) that with "company branded templates" they mean content types stored in the content type hub, and maybe this is related to the "modern content type gallery" recently announced in the message center (Roadmap ID 57315).


References supporting my guess:

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@Nicolò Manzotti 


I'm looking for the same answer :)

In my search after finding the answer I think I have found the answer partly.


"However, Microsoft appear to have silently added the ability to store Office templates and these templates appear for use in the Office clients when creating new documents"


I have tried this and it works using desktop Office-clients (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

BUT - What I need is a way to get this working with Office Online.


In this blog-post from 2018:


Microsoft answer "However, we will soon introduce the ability for a centrally managed content type, along with its custom metadata rules and templates, to be published to all locations, including locally defined templates, with full reporting visibility."


Now is year 2020 so I wonder when "soon" is :)


If anyone knows more about this please share :)


Br. Rune

@Rune Myrhaug thank you for sharing the information!


That's exactly what I would like to achieve (the ability to use templates with Office Online would be great too, but it's not our priority at the moment).


Looking at the date of this article:

it seems that the ability to store templates is available since early December 2019.


Another interesting side note: the OfficeTemplateLibrary value has been added to OrgAssetsType parameter in the sharepoint-ps/sharepoint-online official Microsoft Doc on February 2nd, but thanks to Ian Moran's blog post, not due to an internal push (see this commit on GitHub).


It's sad that there has not been any clear announcement or guidelines from Microsoft besides the few rows I posted in my opening message.


Also, in this comment (2018):


@Chris McNulty said that Microsoft had announced a "new central CT/template management capabilities to be released in the next year". However, looking at more recent comments to the same blog post, people are complaining about the lack of information about the feature.


Let's hope Chris will see this and will be able to provide some clarification!