Acces to external user without single-use code

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Hi everyone,


I've program apps on Sharepoint for external user.

Everytime they want to acces to the sharepoint, they have to receieved a single code.


There is a way to delete this step and only have a "normal" authentification login / password ?


Noted that all the user are external user (don't have microsoft account but professional account on their own tenant).


THank you for your help !



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Most possibly the settings are done on admin level where you can set the authorization mode.
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Hi, there are some differences in behavior depending on what sharing feature you're using, the org. configuration and what accounts your externals are on. I recommend you verify the OTP (email one-time passcode in Azure AD) and enable the AAD B2B integration with OneDrive and SharePoint. Usually the code is used when the above is not enabled and the externals are not having password-backed accounts.

This is the "old" way using secure external SharePoint sharing

This will replace the above going forward

Perhaps this is of interest Add a self-service sign-up user flow - Azure AD | Microsoft Docs

Thank you !