Absolutely Infuriated by Highlighted Content

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Why does it appear to be impossible to sort a highlighted content list of Document Libraries by the Library name?

This is driving me absolutely mad with frustration, something that should be so simple is turning into something that appears to be completely impossible

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Hi @JamesMWood ,


I have personally not yet tried it yet but maybe this can help: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/use-the-highlighted-content-web-part-e34199b0-ff1a-47fb-8... 

You can create a custom query to achieve some of the not default goals. Hope it helps.


And yes, SharePoint frustrates me too sometimes - the many times I asked my imaginary Microsoft-friend/foe: "But why?"

We too are facing the issue of not being able to clearly see the Document Library name for files listed within the Highlighted Content web part. Have you since had any luck? I'm a little shocked that there's no option to change the display of either the Grid or List View columns to show the name of the Document Library. :crying_face: