Ability to Like an entry without recording Liked By details

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I have an anonymous MS Forms which is writing to a SharePoint Online list using Power Automate.


I have enabled the Ratings/Likes functionality on the table but I don't want to record who has actually clicked the like option just count how many.


This is because we are asking people to vote on topics which may be sensitive and we want people to feel comfortable that doing so will be anonymous.


Any ideas how to achieve this?

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I can only think of two quick wins things here: -

  1. Have a general admin account / service account save the form output to SharePoint rather than an individual
  2. Point the Forms output to an Excel file and omit any form of identifying information

As a general point, Forms does provide a warning that the forms owner will have access to their info once they hit submit, which is no different really from any system that's maintained with administrative privilege.  Where you may need to reassure your users of their anonymity being secured is that nothing that identifies individuals will be transmitted to SharePoint.



Thanks. The form itself is anonymous but I wanted to anonymise the "likes" on the SP list. In the end I went with using star ratings rather than likes which seemed to work. Might still be that somewhere buried we can see who rated an item but it's not as obvious as who had "liked" something as you could see that in the filters pane. Thanks.