a T icon on SharePoint folders - to identify when those folders are connected to a Teams channel

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Hi all,


I can't find this idea anywhere on UserVoice (which as we all know will  *disappear* soon, or on this site - so figured I'd post it here. We all know that the integration between Teams Channels and SharePoint is weak, and could use vast improvement, and I believe this idea will help.


In short, any folder in the Shared Documents default library that exist because they were created from a new channel, they should have a purple T appear over that folder so that it shows it is connected to a Teams channel. I'd even go so far as to say those folders should have an extra item in the right client document menu (where you have open, versions, delete, share, copy to, etc) that is "Open channel in Teams" - and it is a recursive link to open that channel in the desktop version of Teams.


Do folks agree with this idea? I just find it really weak being able to identify any Teams channel folders at the root of the Shared Documents library, and this would help. Please refer tho the image I uploaded with this suggestion called "Folders showing as connected to Teams Channel.png" - gives more context on what I'm trying to achieve. Thanks

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@Joe McGiven Corban Wouldn't it be great to quickly identify the folders that are linked to Teams Channels? There is a shared icon that is added to the folder when it is shared.
Yes a "T" is a great idea. We could also do something like my image (Sorry I'm no designer):

SharePoint Channel Folder.png

Great design skills here! This is exactly what I mean, a much better UX for the SharePoint user.