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hi all

e.g. i have a list with 3 columns.
col1 = item
col2 = date
col3 =  number

currently col3 sows the numbers as e.g.  CB64246907 / RF534535 / FP90870878 

what I want to achieve is this.
in col3 I want to have a method like a dropdown list or a workaround that can store multiple text lines for numbers that associate with the same item but only shows the last entered number while hiding the rest till needed to see them.
this method does not require the numbers to be clickable,

I have tried a workaround using col3 as a "Choice" column and set it where the user can input the numbers. the problem is no matter which item row I clicked the col3 shows all of the previous serial numbers that were entered before from all the other item rows in the list.

I have tried col3 with the "multiple text lines" column but the problem is if an item has let's say 6 different serial numbers attached to it then it shows all 6 serial numbers and that row size becomes very tall.

I all so tried col3 with the "append" column which is ok but instead of showing the last entered number, it shows a clickable link to all the numbers. 

is there a way to achieve my requirement
Thanks in advance


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@QuarQTech  a column will always show the complete number or text that is in that column, you can't hide part of it. You might want to try splitting your column 3 into 3 columns and then using Power Apps (standalone or a customised form) with some logic to only display the columns you want based on a dropdown or another column.


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