A Guide to Change SharePoint Domain Name Using PowerShell

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Are you troubled about your old domain name after the brand change of your company? Fortunately, you can now easily change the SharePoint or OneDrive URL using Microsoft PowerShell to maintain a consistent domain name in your organization. PowerShell provides simple cmdlets to initiate, check and stop the SharePoint domain name operation in your Office 365 environment.


Using the below blog, you can get immediate assistance to change your domain name with the new custom domain and start confidently building your brand today! Let's dive deeper into SharePoint domain rename in detail. 



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It's great to know that there is a helpful guide available for changing SharePoint domain names using PowerShell. This can be very useful for organizations who have undergone rebranding or domain name changes. PowerShell is a powerful tool for managing Office 365 environments, and it's great to see that it can be used to initiate, check and stop SharePoint domain name operations. Thank you for sharing this resource!