A global list accessible by all sites on tenant?


Hi all. Have a question as I'm getting deeper into sharepoint's usability.


We have independent sites for each of our projects. We're architects and have a bunch of them. We also have a bunch of collaborators on projects.  Complied into a list of companies lead contacts etc.

Now I was told at the beginning when setting up my site that having sub-sites was philosophically not the way you should go. Originally I had a Office main site and project sub sites! We scrapped that for a completely flat "Modern" structure and would use hubs if required in the future. 


Now I would like to create lists within the project sites containing some of those collaborators and contacts we have external to our organisation. I thought I'd be able to create a list lookup column that references another sites "Site Column". But because of our flat structure we can't access another sites site columns. How do I work around this? I presume there's a new modern approach to this or hubs based approach but I can't find anything about this. Maybe I'm getting too far into CRM territory and approaching this with the wrong tools. Any advice appreciated. 


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