2019 Modern Sharepoint List - Totals

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We have an odd issue where we added a Totals sum on a sharepoint list view (modern) and it shows for some people and not others.  If we switch the view to "classic" everyone sees the Totals.


We've tried a complete mix of browsers (Current Edge, Firefox, and Chrome) and even different locations, yet there is no readily noticeable pattern or reason why some people see the totals and others do not in Modern.


Does anyone know what might be happening?  Thank you in advance for any help.

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My best guess--your users are experiencing a gradual rollout of the Totals feature for Modern SharePoint lists (O365 Roadmap item here), and that's a good thing! Modern lists haven't had this for a very long time, so it's exciting that some users might be getting it now. If your Totals look like this in your Modern lists, that's definitely what you're dealing with.

I'm still not seeing totals -- and DANG -- I've needed them since Day 1!  Any idea of how to find out when the roll out is complete so if I know to continue waiting or whether to begin looking into an issue.  Thanks! @Matt Coats 

In our tenant, the list views don't have totals, but the modern list web part does. Maybe if you really need the totals you could create a modern page, stick a list view on it, and get your totals that way.