2 Sharepoint list relation with lookup column and restrictions

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Hello guys,


I have the following scenario im trying to make, i know you cant make column permison level on sharepoint list, but is it possible to make 2 lists where on the second list i only give acces to certain users? 



List Contracts (public information)

ID | CONTRACT | contract_duration | ID_COST

List Costs (Sensible information)

ID | contract_cost | company 


And then i give access to most people to list of contracts only, but for the costs list since it is restricted information i only give acces to very few people i control.


Thanks in advance and i hope my question was clear enough.

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@JCarballo - Just jumping in to say that in case you were trying to allow users to be able to use a lookup column from a list without giving them actual access to the list, I was able to achieve this quite easily insomuch that I am now baffled as to why no one online has this as a solution.


What I did is create a new site permission (Gear Icon > Site Permissions > Advanced Permissions Settings> Permission Levels). In my case I created a permisison called "For Lookup Only". As the below screenshot shows, I only gave the view permission and voila! I tested and found that the user does not have access to the source list for the lookup column even if they click the hyperlink in the column.