1 SharePoint site, distinct sites, or Hub sites

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I have a client that is a parent company who controls 3 other companies.


The parent company needs access to all other sites and certain individuals at each site will need access to the parent sites.


What are the recommendations?


Should the parent company be the main site and create three distinct sub sites?

Or should each company have its own site?

Or should the main site be the primary and create three hubs?







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@Anon1m0us613 the way I would do it (others may suggest something different) is to have the parent site as a hub site and each of the 3 companies would have a site associated to the hub site. That way you can have the same top level menu running across all the sites, consistent color themes and news can flow up to the hub site or cascade down to the company sites.


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Totally agree. That's the recommended pattern to use with modern SPO information architectures. I would even suggest to take advantage of the Hub to Hub association feature so for each company you can set up a Hub Site and them independent sites joined to each Hub Site so you can model a Departamental scenario...then just join each company Hub Site to the Main Hub Site that you could also configure as a Home Site in the tenant