✏️ How to inline edit fields in Microsoft / SharePoint Lists



Using ListView and Column formatting in Microsoft / SharePoint lists is possible to take advantage of the attribute inlineEditField which gives the chance to change immediately the value of a field.
This capability allows to edit the content of a list without opening the item or clicking on Edit in grid view.

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Hi @Giuliano De Luca, thanks for the video. It is very helpful!

Is there a special syntax for a people column inline editing?
Once I add the JSON inline syntax, I get the option  to enter the e-mail and select from the list, but the selection shows as object. (Image attached)


"elmType": "div",
"inlineEditField": "[$columnname]",
"txtContent": "[$columnname]"
According to the documentation, choice and people column are supported for inline editing.
Do you know how to fix this issue?
Thanks again for posting the video.
Thank you for watching.
You should use this syntax ".email" or "@currentField.email"