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Turn content into knowledge with SharePoint Syntex

We are thrilled to announce that SharePoint Syntex, the first product from Project Cortex, is available today. SharePoint Syntex uses advanced AI and machine teaching to amplify human expertise, automate content processing, and transform content into knowledge.


SharePoint Syntex is generally available as a user-based add-on for Microsoft 365 plans for commercial customers. For more details, visit our Microsoft 365 Enterprise Licensing page.


SharePoint Syntex is the first product coming out of our investments in Project Cortex. In addition to SharePoint Syntex, we’ll be releasing other innovations later this year that help you organize information into topics and deliver knowledge across Microsoft 365 apps. We’ll have more details to share on Project Cortex topic experiences later this year.


Meet our Preferred partners

Microsoft Preferred Blue 2.png

We’re proud to recognize our Preferred partners for the launch of Project Cortex, including SharePoint Syntex. Trained and prepared to deliver joint solutions for our customers, the Preferred partners of the Microsoft Content Services Partner Program (CSPP) span the globe and offer a broad range of software, consulting, training, and adoption solutions. Each has been recognized for proven customer success in envisioning and delivering customer content solutions in Microsoft 365, and for expertise with Project Cortex and SharePoint Syntex.  Congratulations, and thank you.























Join us for Office Hours

Interested in how your company could use or benefit from Project Cortex, including SharePoint Syntex. Join us for the October 14 meeting (download invite), where we’ll highlight how Financial Services organizations can benefit from Project Cortex.


Learn more about the Office Hours series and view the recaps and recordings for all past meetings on the Office Hours page.


Catch up on Microsoft Ignite 2020


Discover more about SharePoint Syntex and Project Cortex by reading the SharePoint Syntex Ignite announcement and watching the following Microsoft Ignite 2020 sessions:

Dive deeper on the Virtual Hub

Visit the Virtual Hub for Knowledge to access 30 on-demand sessions on SharePoint Syntex, Project Cortex, and Knowledge in Microsoft 365, including the following:

  • Connect people with knowledge and expertise in Microsoft 365
  • Expertise & knowledge networks: Microsoft's vision for a successful knowledge system in your organization
  • Rolling out Project Cortex at DXC Technology, Mott MacDonald, and Protiviti
  • How to successfully activate and adopt Project Cortex
  • Adopting content capture and process automation services for content in Microsoft 365
  • Step-by-Step: How to build a document understanding model using Project Cortex


Visit the SharePoint Syntex resource center and the Project Cortex resource center to learn more.   


Senior Member

Great news!


There is a typo in the link at the bottom though. Should be  not

Senior Member

Hi, I am trying to set up SharePoint Syntex for my E3 Developer license, I don't see Add-On service available in my Purchase Services section, Also for my E5 license when I am trying to access SharePoint Syntex free trial version, it is not letting me create asking to contact administrator while i am the admin of my account. Can you please help me in fixing this

@Shrusti_Shah Syntex is only available in the following regions: Available in APAC, Australia, Canada, EU, JP, LATAM, UK, US

Is there any pointers to how personal details are handled in Syntex? Can it be trained to ignore social security numbers or otherwise identified restricted personal details?

I have deployed on my tenancy and used retention labels successfully. When do we expect to classification labels and DLP on Syntex. Thanks. 

Occasional Contributor

Are there any other licensing costs associated with running and using this? besides having E3 / E5?

Occasional Contributor

Tried to enable SharePoint Syntex Add On license on US Location based Developer tenant with E5 license.  Keep getting errors messages:


Looks like you can't use this trial

Looks like you can't use this trial with this account: Your tenant is not eligible. Check for other products.


Or I I try to go from O365 Admin Center, get this message:

The offer that you want is unavailable. This might be caused by one of the following reasons:

  • The offer has expired.
  • The service is not available in your country or region.
  • You cannot sign up for the same trial a second time.
Error code:



Is it possible to enable SharePoint Syntex for O365 Developer Tenants so we can demo the features to our customers?

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