SPSE Services/Architecture/Modern Functions/Garage Cleaning?

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Alright... lets talk under the hood (aside from the new auth hotness):

  • InfoPath
  • UPS
  • Search
  • Legacy Workflow
  • WFM
  • PerfPoint
  • SSRS
  • MMD
  • WebDav

...anything new here, old stuff still work (i wouldn't even be mad if you said no, force dump the techdebt etc. :face_with_tears_of_joy:)?


More functionally and less server/service capability:

  • Publishing feature stuff (MPs/PLs)
  • Classic Sites (take em out :smiling_face_with_horns:)
  • Timer Jobs still a thing?
  • Event Receivers
  • Legacy Records Management/DOCID feature stuff
  • Compliance improvements or still old RM vs DLP with timer jobs?
  • Forms/Workflow improvements (*looks for powerX on prem* :eyes:)
  • SPFX version? beyond 1.4x?
  • Site Designs and Site Scripts?
  • Limit changes? (ie LVT, list Indexes, cDB sizing)
  • SPMigrationTool support?
  • Hub Sites?

Thanks in advance!

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All very good questions. I add Project server - as this is a SharePoint feature, are there any changes?

Hi @DomN and @RoyGilboawe aren't announcing any additional details about SharePoint Server Subscription Edition or Project Server Subscription Edition at this time, but more details will be shared in the future.

Hi @DomN, now that we've released the RTM/GA version of SharePoint Server Subscription Edition we've also updated our New and improved features in SharePoint Server Subscription Edition and What's deprecated or removed from SharePoint Server Subscription Edition articles.  I recommend reviewing the current version of those articles if you haven't already.  If you don't see a feature area mention in those articles, then chances are that we haven't made any major changes to it for our RTM/GA release compared to the SharePoint Server 2019 release.


That said, the new continuous update model we've adopted for SharePoint Server Subscription Edition gives us the ability to release new feature innovation even after GA.  So if there are any new features or feature enhancements you'd like to see, please share them with us by either opening a DCR request through Microsoft Support or by posting them here.


To answer your specific questions...


  • InfoPath: No changes. It's still on track to reach end of support on July 14, 2026.  We encourage customers to explore alternatives for this feature before it reaches end of support.
  • User Profile Application Service: No major changes to the service itself, although we've enhanced the SharePoint People Picker to better support modern authentication configurations like OpenID Connect and SAML 1.1.  The People Picker can now resolve users and groups using the profiles stored in UPA instead of requiring a custom claims provider.
  • Search: We've made several improvements to Search as outlined in the "New and improved..." article mentioned above.  This includes a refreshed modern search results page that provides more filtering options, support for returning list content, and thumbnails for popular document and image types.
  • SharePoint 2010 workflows (a.k.a. legacy workflow): No changes to the feature itself.  However, note the deprecation timeline in the "What's deprecated or removed..." article.  We encourage customers to explore alternative workflow technologies such as SharePoint 2013 workflows or Power Automate.
  • Workflow Manager: No changes to the feature itself.  We plan to continue supporting this workflow technology in SharePoint Server Subscription Edition for the foreseeable future.
  • PerformancePoint Services: This service application has been removed from SharePoint Server Subscription Edition due to its significant dependency on Microsoft Silverlight technology, which is no longer supported as of October 12, 2021.  We recommend exploring Microsoft Power BI as an alternative to PerformancePoint Services.
  • SQL Server Reporting Services: Please reach out to the SQL Server Reporting Services team to learn their plans.
  • Managed Metadata (Taxonomy): No changes.
  • WebDAV: No changes.