SPFX supported version for SPSE


What is the supported version of SPFX for SPSE?

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Is there such a plan?

Hi @Nicolae, we've heard the feedback asking for SharePoint Server Subscription Edition to support newer versions of SharePoint Framework.  (Thanks to everyone for sharing your feedback!)  I'm afraid it's too early at this stage for us to commit to anything, but this is a request we're actively discussing / exploring.

Hi Troy. It's too early only if you consider SharePoint SE as the first version of SharePoint. Almost all the JS libraries that SPFx 1.4.1 can work with are deprecated or just useless because they're beta versions. We don't really care about the new functionalities of SPFx, just the support for new versions of NodeJS, TypeScript, React, etc. Or do you think ASP Webforms developers are still a thing? You're killing the on-prem SharePoint, intentionally or unintentionally.

@Nicolae, this is something we're truly interested in, which is why we're exploring it. Unfortunately for a variety of engineering reasons it isn't as simple as it might seem. But please continue to share your needs as that will help us to prioritize the right investments. 

Hello @Troy Starr

another obvious reason that haven't been listed yet are the obvious security risks. Many of the packages used by SPFx 1.4.1 use already vulnerable version that have been long patched in the new version. But we can't use them because we are locked to legacy version.

Here is the result of the XRay alert in our pipeline when building SPFx 1.4.1

[Pipeline] xrayScan
Security Violations
# Severity Component CVE
1 High handlebars:4.1.2 CVE-2021-23369
2 High handlebars:4.1.2
3 High handlebars:4.1.2 CVE-2019-20922
4 High handlebars:4.1.2 CVE-2019-19919
5 High handlebars:4.1.2 CVE-2021-23383
6 High diff:3.2.0
7 High js-yaml:3.13.1 CVE-2021-22150
8 High js-yaml:3.7.0 CVE-2021-22150
9 High lodash:2.4.2 CVE-2021-41720
10 High handlebars:4.1.2
11 High handlebars:4.1.2
12 High js-yaml:3.7.0
13 High lodash:1.0.2 CVE-2021-41720
14 High acorn:5.7.3
15 High handlebars:4.1.2 CVE-2019-20922
16 High handlebars:4.1.2 CVE-2021-23369
17 High handlebars:4.1.2
18 High handlebars:4.1.2
19 High handlebars:4.1.2 CVE-2019-19919
20 High handlebars:4.1.2
21 High acorn:5.7.3
22 High js-yaml:3.13.1 CVE-2021-22150
23 High handlebars:4.1.2
24 High diff:3.2.0
25 High js-yaml:3.7.0
26 High lodash:1.0.2 CVE-2021-41720
27 High js-yaml:3.7.0 CVE-2021-22150
28 High tmpl:1.0.4 CVE-2021-3777
29 High handlebars:4.1.2 CVE-2021-23383
30 High handlebars:4.1.2
31 High lodash:2.4.2 CVE-2021-41720

And as developer I totally hate being locked to the old versions of TS, React. Node etc.

Also some industries have so tight legislative regulations (Swiss banking in my current case) that going to cloud is more difficult on the legal than technical level. So staying on SP2019 will be a security risk now.

@Troy Starr, any update on an upgraded version of SPFX?  If Microsoft cannot invest in their on-prem solution, then in environments where SharePoint is being considered for a new application, a competitor is used instead, especially ServiceNow.     



Any good news towards the result we all are waiting for?
Thanks for mentioning these security vulnerabilities, @Troy Starr, we are waiting your response since Sep 2022, looks like On-Premise left orphan and overdose nutrition is provided to cloud products.
Any updates on this issue?

Hi @Nicolae, SharePoint Framework support was updated to version 1.5.1 in the Version 23H1 feature update for SharePoint Server Subscription Edition.  As documented on our SharePoint Framework development with SharePoint Server 2019 and Subscription Edition page, we also support Node.js versions up to version 14.


This is one step on our long-term journey to improve and expand the capabilities of SharePoint Framework in SharePoint Server Subscription Edition.  We'll continue investing in supporting newer SharePoint Framework capabilities and related technologies, such as newer versions of Node.js, React, etc.  Support for these related technologies will be decoupled from the SharePoint Framework version we declare support for, so we'll be able to support newer versions of those technologies even if the original release of any particular SharePoint Framework version didn't support it.  The next feature update for SPSE will focus on supporting newer versions of React and Office UI Fabric React.

@Troy StarrSo you are telling me, that after years we were able to receive version 1.5.1 which is from year 2018?

How much longer till we get at least 1.10.0 which is still from 2020?


Hi @spoofan, unfortunately the server-side architecture of SharePoint Framework makes it very difficult to port new versions of SharePoint Framework en masse from SharePoint Online to SharePoint Server.  Just going from version 1.4.1 to 1.5.1 involved several hundred code changes, along with their API dependencies, that needed to be reviewed and adapted to work in an on-premises configuration.  So going forward, we'll be focusing on the individual features/capabilities that on-premises customers need regardless of which version of SPFx that feature/capability was introduced in.  And we'll decouple our dependencies on Node.js, React, etc., from the SharePoint Framework version numbers used in SPO.


If there are individual features/capabilities you're looking for, please share them with us here or by opening a Design Change Request (DCR) to us through Microsoft Support.

Wow, that's great news. Didn't expect it to be honest. Will this be ported to SharePoint 2019 also?

What about typescript version? When will that be updated?

SharePoint on-premise itself lacks a lot of features that SPFx was developed to use so having a newer version doesn't actually do much, but being allowed to use the new versions of React and Nodejs is a game changer.

Hi @Nicolae, we'll be focusing our new SPFx (and related tech) investments on SharePoint Server Subscription Edition.  SharePoint 2019 will continue to use SPFx 1.4.1.


Afraid I don't know about TypeScript - I'll have to check on that.  Is there a particular version that you're interested in?

Sorry, I must have edited my post after your reply. Can you tell me when and what versions of React and Typescript are you working on for the next release?
I just got confirmation that SPSE is currently using TypeScript version 2.4.2 today and we don't have near-term plans to update that version. But let us know if there's a particular version that you're interested in (and why) and we can consider this for the future.

We're not ready to announce which newer version of React and Office UI Fabric React we'll support yet, but it should be pretty locked in by August so feel free to ask me then. :)
But if you keep Typescript 2.4, then you won't be able to support Office UI Fabric 6. The documentation says: "Office UI Fabric React v6 require TypeScript v3.x.". That would be a little disappointing.
Hi @Troy Starr. It's been some time, have there been any updates regarding this topic? I would also like to apologize for some of my comments that may have sounded rude. It's just hard for people like me, that have spent years and years on this platform, see it sink into irrelevance. I would actually encourage Microsoft to make SharePoint on-premise more expensive, but put some real effort into it.